Interesting Story: Tenth Child born in Simic Family

Tenth child was born in the Simic family in Bijeljina, a girl with three brothers and six sisters, the head of the city’s Department of Home Affairs, Dragana Ljubojevic told Srna news agency.

She says that the girl was born on November 24, on the Orthodox holiday of St. Martin’s Day, and will most likely be called Martina.

”The parents of ten children, Dragana and Slavko Simic, do not have a permanent job, the father supports the family from occasional jobs, and the City Administration of Bijeljina helped them build a house in the settlement of Obarska a few years ago,” stated Ljubojevic.

According to her, there is a large family in this settlement, which had its eighth child this year. Ljubojevic says that 983 babies were registered in the birth registers in Bijeljina in 10 months of this year – 459 girls and 524 boys, Avaz writes.

”848 children were born in Bijeljina, and 135 babies were born abroad and registered in the city registry books according to the place of residence of one or both parents,” she says.

Ljubojevic states that the number of people registered in the registry is lower than in the same period last year, when 880 children were born in Bijeljina, and 154 babies born abroad were registered. She said that the most popular names this year for girls are Sofia and Milica, and for boys Stefan and Nikola. What makes this year different from previous ones is the coronavirus epidemic, and Bijeljina, even in this difficult situation, has encouraging data that in Covid Hospital, mothers who are positive for corona gave birth to 10 babies. The tenth girl was born yesterday.

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