International conference on sustainable development on 24 and 25 May at Burch University

burchFourth International Conference on Sustainable Development ISSD 2013 will be held on 24 and 25 May at International Burch University, reports Fena.

The conference will be opened at the campus of the University in Ilidža.

Great number of experts and scholars from region and beyond will participate in the conference which is organised by Burch University with two other universities from Turkey and two universities from BiH, and participants will come from eight countries: BiH, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and the USA, and they’ll present 77 scientific works.

The opening speech will be held by Salih Sadović from the University of Sarajevo, by Abdurrahman Satman from Technical University of Istanbul, and Recayi Pecen from Houston North-American College.

This conference will tackle the issue and challenges in field of sustainable development, in particular energy issues.

Large number of BiH officials and scholars will attend the opening of the conference, said Burch University.

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