International Medal Parade held at Camp Butmir HQ

On Tuesday 30th October an International Medal Parade (IMP) took place at Camp Butmir with COMEUFOR presiding over the event. This parade was smaller than most with 7 EUFOR personal receiving their Operation Althea medals, three from Austria and two each from Hungary and the UK.

COMEUFOR mentioned all of the individuals personally during his speech and thanked them for their service saying: ‘As your Force Commander I have had the pleasure to work and engage with each and every one of you.’

He also praised the dedication and support that each person receives from their friends and family back home adding:

‘To your families, I express my appreciation for the sacrifice they have made because of your absence. The support of families is sometimes overlooked; however, I consider their role extremely important to your success and the ongoing success of this mission.’

Among those receiving their medals was Major Jessica Drew of the British Army who said:

‘I am chuffed to bits to receive my medal, especially at the same time as my colleague Captain Whittington’

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