International Youth Day: more than 50 Percent of Young People would leave BiH

The problems of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina are reflected in the inability to find employment, incompatibility of the education system with the labor market, insecure jobs and the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, are the results of a survey conducted by organizations Brcko District on the attitudes of young people on certain issues.

In addition to the already identified problems, they especially emphasize the problems of young people caused by discrimination on various grounds, negligence and lack of support for the development of mental health and high levels of corruption in various segments of life and activities of young people.

The survey form, divided into thematic units such as the values ​​they believe in, family life, education and the labor market, politics and activism, was completed by 355 young people aged 15 to 30 from all over BiH.

The survey was created to mark August 12 – International Youth Day with the aim of promoting young people as important partners in change and raising awareness of the challenges and problems facing the world.

The results of the survey state that 68.7 percent of respondents believe that they can get a quality education in BiH, and 85.1 percent are ready to do jobs for which they have not been educated. 

As many as 52.4 percent of young people would leave Bosnia and Herzegovina to look for work.

“When asked if they believe in government institutions, 88.5 percent of young people answered in the negative, and 62.8 percent do not believe in any institutions. The young people showed the least trust in the entity governments and the Presidency of BiH, “they said.

About 82 percent of respondents live in a family household and have relationships with family members, 58.3 percent would be willing to marry a person of different religious or ethnic backgrounds, and 45.4 percent would support the legalization of same-sex unions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It turned out that 18.9 percent of young people use tobacco or tobacco products every day, 33.5 percent said they had never consumed alcohol, 80.8 percent of them narcotics, organizers said, Fena new agency reports.

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