Traces of the Past and the War Scars of Sarajevo (Gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Although it has been almost 20 full years since the official end of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the war scars are still visible in this capital. The majority of buildings have been restored and the new ones are constantly being built. However, traces of the past are still visible in the streets, on the facades, walls and numerous ruins that can be found even in the very center of the city.

Great contrasts, such as the ruins located next to the big new malls or luxurious, newly built residential buildings, often attract the attention of tourists, who record the scenes with their cameras.

Day and night, two different worlds intercept in this city – the present one, hectic, filled with constant movement of people and vehicles, and the former one, lurking from the ruins, streets, building facades, and the memories of those who survived the war there.

Life goes on – the scars from shrapnel and bullets on the facades are somewhere covered, but still visible, while in other places they serve as nests of urban birds.

The traces of the longest siege of one capital ever recorded in the history of modern warfare somewhere slightly fade, and somewhere remain. This contrast and the two different worlds – past and present – are waiting for their collision with the future.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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