Italy wants to include B&H into the regional energy project

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of B&H, Mirko Šarović confirmed today that the Italian Embassy addressed an inquiry to the Ministry of B&H concerning our interest in joining the regional energy project, which also Montenegro and Republic of Serbia joined on the basis of an agreement between Serbia and Italy concerning the realization of projects and hydro power plants on Drina. At a press conference Šarović said that the Ministry is preparing an answer  which they will address to the Council of Ministers of B&H, and he also added that there is still no news about the interest of the Federation of B&H and its energy subjects to join this energy project.

” Italy is asking to include B&H into this project in some manner, not only the entity of RS but also B&H including all energy potential of the Federation of B&H and RS. ”- said Minister Šarović.



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