Ivanic: B&H could get a Status of a Candidate by the end of 2017

mladen ivanicThe B&H Presidency adopted yesterday a so-called Master plan of the process of integrating B&H into the European Union that provides deadlines when certain conditions need to be implemented in order for B&H to submit a request for the candidate status at the beginning of the next year.

Member of the B&H Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, estimated that it is about a very significant document that will be one sort of a duty for the institutions but also a guide for activities that need to be completed in order for B&H to get the candidate status in the EU by the end of 2017.

The program of reforms in B&H, a document that is still being harmonized was also discussed at the session, but Ivanic expressed his confidence that it will be finished soon because this is a packet of reforms that was being harmonized by the Council of Ministers of B&H, Entity and Cantonal Government.

He expressed his confidence that, when that issue is solved, B&H will get the candidate status for a membership, emphasizing that, if set deadlines are respected, a significant help of the international financial institutions will be provided, because “everyone needs a positive story from the region“.

He emphasized that the key and economic reforms are in that documents, and social benefits that should be based on the needs of citizens, are defined.

Ivanic also addressed to the issue of the construction of “Peljesac bridge” saying that B&H cannot have an impact on whether the bridge will be built or not, but if the bridge will be built, B&H has to have a normal access to its coastal area, at which BH institutions will insist.

(Source: klix.ba)

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