The Meeting of Radončić, Nikšić and Komšić started

sastanakPresidents of political parties of the Democratic Front, the Union for a Better Future of B&H and the SDP, met this morning in Sarajevo, where they discussed the current political situation in the country among the other things, with special focus on the crisis of authorities in the Federation of B&H.

Željko Komšić, Fahrudin Radončić and Nermin Nikšić apparently considered the possibility of creating a new parliamentary majority in the Federal Parliament as well, since the minority government of the SDA – HDZ B&H has no longer support in the legislative body.

Last week, the three of them submitted a joint statement in which they criticized the moves of the leader of SNSD, Milorad Dodik, whose proposal for calling a referendum on the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office was adopted by the National Assembly of RS.

Otherwise, no one gave a statement before the meeting, and the meeting started at 8: 30 a. m.


(Source: klix.ba)

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