Ivona Ćavar is the best Athlete in 2016

ivona-cavarKarateist Ivona Ćavar was declared the best athlete in 2016 according to Nezavisne novine and Radio Television of BiH. This girl born in Split won a bronze medal at the World Championship in Linz, Austria this October. In senior competition in the category of up to 68 kilograms she eliminated many favorites from the tatami.

Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest successes in sports in 2016. Ivona said that she prepares for every competition with the intention to win a medal.

After winning the medal, she was spectacularly welcomed in Mostar. The representative of BiH said that this gave her an even bigger motive for future ventures.

“The welcome was truly extraordinary. When you know that so many people support you, follow you and cheer for you, then this gives you an additional motive to continue giving your best,” said this karateist who was also declared the best athlete in Mostar.

Ivona was born in 1995 in Split and she is a member of the University Karate Club Neretva Mostar. She has been training karate since she was eight years old.

“Love for this sport was born after my parents enrolled my older brother in a karate club. It did not take long for me to start building my career as well. My club has been existing for 20 years and currently is it one of the two best clubs in the country. The year 2016 was one of the best years for us. We have the European junior champion from the beginning of the year and now we also have my medal from October,” said Ivona.

Ćavar said that karate has a bright future in BiH.

“Karate is extremely good in our country. We can compete with world and European forces. Although they have better working conditions, support from the state, we still manage to fight them. I do not have much free time and I mostly spend it with my family, friends and people I love, and I make plans for the upcoming season,” said Ivona.


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