Izetbegovic: The Situation at Clinical Centre is critical, Hospitals in Sarajevo are full

Director-General of the Sarajevo University Clinical Center (in Bosnian: KCUS), prof. dr. Sebija Izetbegovic confirmed for BHRT that the “situation is critical” when it comes to the epidemiological situation and the situation at the KCUS.

“We just came out of the Special Respiratory Center. We were there until midnight last night, doing the deployment and trying to move the patients who were not severely ill. Everything is filled with patients. The whole building of the old surgery is provided for Covid-19, ” Izetbegovic stated yesterday.

She mentioned that Podhrastovi clinic is full, noting that for almost a year they have been doing everything they can, almost alone and that the staff has been exhausted.

“It is a difficult psychological pressure to be among such seriously ill patients. We are doing and will continue to do everything we can to save as many lives as possible, but it is a really critical and difficult situation. There are more and more sick employees. Oxygen is used in huge quantities. I have just been informed that there will be supply problems. I am afraid of what will happen the next day and whether we will have enough of it, ” Izetbegovic added.

According to her, the Crisis Staff of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) had to foresee this situation by looking at the rising number of infected people and create additional isolation wards and rooms for the sick. Izetbegovic appealed to all those responsible to immediately get involved in solving the problem of accommodating new patients, as well as to ensure a sufficient supply of the necessary amounts of oxygen for the KCUS.

“The lives of all hospitalized people depend on it. We still have enough medicines and protective equipment, but all of it is consumed in huge quantities. I ask the citizens to help, to respect the determined measures. There is already a huge number of infected and sick people, but let’s save what we can. We can only stop the further spread of the infection together. Please think of those you love, such as your friends and relatives, they are all potential patients, ” appealed Izetbegovic.

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