Jobs for Winners of “Zlatne Značke”

Winners of the “Zlatna Značka” were graduates and post-graduates, and 50 jobs were secured at the position of assistant. For them, funds in the amount of 780.000 KM were allocated, said the Canton Sarajevo Minister for Labor, Social Affairs, Displaced Persons and Refugees Muamer Bandić.

The goal is to ensure employment opportunities for winners of the award in institutions that deal with scientific and research work in Canton Sarajevo.

Bandić pointed out that in this program the right to participate is given to highly educated unemployed people who have received recognition in higher education institutions registered in Canton Sarajevo.

The employment of 50 young people to the position of assistant for 12 months is planned, and in that period they would try to find a long-term solution.

“Employers who are covered by this program, monthly, in the period of 12 months will be refunded an amount of 1.300 KM for each person who is newly employed, for the payment of salaries and payment of statutory taxes and duties’’, said Bandić.

It was pointed out that this is the first project of employment for young people and that it would not end up at this number of offered jobs.

‘’If 50 people who have received this award do not register, unemployed people who have shown good results during their academic studies, but are not at this average level, would be able to participate’’, said the Minister for Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo Damir Marjanović.

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