Coalition “Jednakost” (Equality) in Fight Against Ethnic Discrimination

The coalition “Jednakost” began a series of meetings with all relevant local and international officials within the framework of its activities and promotion of constitutional change that would eliminate constitutional discrimination.

According to the coalition, FBiH reform should bring equality for the ‘Others” in all institutions and political processes.

The first meeting was held with an expert group of the American Embassy to BiH, which received a task from the US Ambassador to BiH Patrick Moon to work on preparing proposals for FBIH reform.

Representatives of the coalition share the opinion with the expert group that FBIH reform has to maintain the principles of efficiency, functionality and cost savings.

The coalition presented the conditions they are advocating and requested from the expert group to bring complete equality to all FBIH citizens who do not identify themselves as members of one of the constituent groups.

They also noted of the condition that no changes that are made on ethnic rights in the FBiH should include new discriminations.

They also asked that all levels in BiH should lead to the reduction of and a clear definition of collective rights.

Another proposal of the coalition is that they should deal with constitutional reform of the Canton and local self-governance, so that at these levels they achieve substantial equality and full equal rights for all FBiH citizens who do not declare to belong to a constituent nation.

The coalition “Jednakost” advocates constitutional reform at all levels of BiH government, as well as all laws that contain elements of ethnic discrimination in order to bring equal rights to citizens of BiH who do not belong to any constituent nation.

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