Journalists of the World Magazines in a Visit to B&H learned to say “Thank you, I’m not hungry” (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Within the “Via Dinarica Press Trip” program, which was held in the first half of July this year, the organization Terra Dinarica hosted four journalists from different world outdoor magazines and media, who arrived with the intention to meet B&H and our potential in the mountain and adventure tourism.

The journalists from the Outdoor Active, the German Outdoor Magazine and the Adventure Journal, and the most popular travel-blogger in the Balkans The Blonde Gypsy, visited Prenj, Cvrsnica, Bjelasnica, Treskavica, Zelengora, the Sarajevo mountain of Ozren, and Maglic, stayed in Lukomir, in the villages Ljuta and Jelasci, and enjoyed the rafting on the River Neretva.

“All places we have visited were amazing, and it was particularly interesting to taste the specialties of the local cuisine and to get to know different cultures in the places that we visited”, said Florian Sanktjohanser, a journalist of the famous German Outdoor Magazine, one of the “top three” outdoor magazines in that country.

The Adventure Journal, one of the most renowned adventurous websites in the USA, has nearly 800.000 visitors on a monthly basis, and the German Outdoor Active even two million people from different European countries.

“Our people have once again shown to be excellent hosts, and journalists spontaneously learned to say ‘Thank you, I’m not hungry’ in our language which is, I guess, a proof of the ‘specific’ attitude towards guests. Joking aside, we are very satisfied with the visit and we are anxiously expecting the authoring articles of the journalists”, it was said from the organization Terra Dinarica.

The Press Trip is organized within the project “Via Dinarica in B&H: Evaluation and Development of Capacities”, funded by the USAID and the UNDP, and implemented by Terra Dinarica. The purpose of this event is the international promotion of the potential of sustainable tourism and development in B&H, with a special emphasis on adventure, mountain and rural tourism.

In anticipation of the authoring articles of the journalists who have visited our country, see the gallery for some of the photos that will conjure up the atmosphere of this Press Trip.

(Source: klix.ba)

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