“Juliet“ from Banja Luka in a New Edition soon

Safikada Banja LukaWithin the strategy of the tourism development of Banja Luka or this year, the Tourist organization of the city will pay special attention to the monument to Safikada,  a girl who, according to the legend, committed a suicide because of the unrealized love, given that one of the most interesting and biggest Banja Luka attractions is currently marked by an unattractive grave.

“We will start the project called ‘Temple of Love-Safikada’ which provides the creation of conditions for unobstructed visit of larger groups of people to the location of Banja Luka legend as well as the creation of installations of supporting commercial facilities such as souvenir shops, printed material, locks of love etc.“, explained Ostoja Barasin, director of the Tourist organization Banja Luka.

Currently, the preliminary project “Temple of Love-Safikada“ was done, the main activities, duration and dynamics of the project, potential source of financing, users of the project, implementers, estimated value of the project as well as expected results, were defined.

According to the words of Barasanin, such project is necessary because Safikada’s grave presents the direct connection between the castle Kastel, as the most important tourist motive of the City and the Ottoman period, and represents an unavoidable place visited by tourists during their stay in Banja Luka.

“Safikada’s tomb is located on the road between Kastel and Ferhadija mosque and is visited by all those staying in Banja Luka, regardless of whether they are organized groups sightseeing with the tourist guide or individual, independent sightseeing tours“, said Barasanin and added that exactly Tourist organization initiated the installment of marble board in recent years where Safikada’s face can be seen and the legend can be read on four languages.

And as all other legends, this as well has several versions. According to the first one, beautiful Safikaduna or Safikada, was in love with the soldier of Vizier’s army, which places this legend in 16th, 17th or 18th century.

According to the second source, the legend says that she was in love with Austrian soldier, and since that love was not approved by her parents, she committed a suicide. As a proof that the love was great and mutual, there is a fact that after her death, Austrian solider as well committed a suicide.

As time passed, Safikada’s grave became the love sanctuary. Every night, especially on Monday and Thursday, young girls, regardless of their religion, in summer and winter, are lighting candles for a good luck in love. Someone light a candle for a success in any other field not related to love.

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