One of the greatest Legends of BH Football Asim Ferhatovic Hase was born on January 24

Asim Ferhatovic Hase is one of the greatest legends of FC Sarajevo. He played a total of 600 football matches and scored 400 goals for FC Sarajevo.

He made his debut in the jersey of FC Sarajevo in the match against Zagreb back in 1952. Despite the fact that he was the best player of FC Sarajevo and one of the best players in Yugoslavia, he played only one match for the representation of the former country.

He was chosen as one of the best athletes of BiH several times. In the season 1963/64, he was the best scorer of former First league of Yugoslavia with 19 goals, and he was the member of generation of FC Sarajevo that won championship of Yugoslavia in 1967.

There are numerous legends about him. People used to say that he had dribbled past five players and goalkeeper, came to goal line, turned towards his selector, who did not like him, shoot the ball into the field and said to selector: “Now you score it!”

His moves were topic of all conversations for days. One anecdote related to him was a comment of radio reporter Mirko Kamenjasevic: Dear listeners, until they take ball from our Hase, feel free to listen to the music from our studio!

Asim Ferhatovic passed away on January 24, 1987 in Sarajevo. His influence has not been forgotten, and today, the Olympic Stadium Kosevo is named after him, as well as the street near that stadium.


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