The Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo to be illuminated in accordance with the Level of Air Pollution

The Ambassador of Sweden to BiH Anders Hagelberg announced that the facade of the building of the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo will be illuminated in different colours  depending on the air pollution in the upcoming days, and this will take place within the “Let’s talk about the Air” campaign.

He explained that brown and purple colour will indicate a dangerous level of pollution, orange colour will indicate dangerous level for sensitive people and children, red colour will indicate very dangerous level of pollution for everyone, yellow will be for a slightly better air quality, and green will mean acceptable air quality.

He added that, according to the data of the World Health Organization, a total of 223 people (per 100,000 citizens) died due to the air pollution in BiH, and it is incomprehensible that this is not the first priority of this country.

“We have decided to help in the process of raising awareness of this problem, but also to improve the situation in practical sense. However, the most important thing in this situation is political leadership,” stated Ambassador Hagelberg.

The campaign was also supported by Minister of Environment and Tourism of the FBiH, Assistant Minister of Environment of the RS, Head of the UN Mission in BiH, Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, the Special Representative of EU in BiH, Ambassadors of Italy, Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, the Deputy Ambassador of Japan as well as Deputy Head of Mission of the US Embassy in BiH.

The campaign “Let’s talk about the air” campaign was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency in BiH (SEPA), in cooperation with the Hydrometeorological Institute of the FBiH and the Hydrometeorological Institute of the RS.

(Source: klix.ba)




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