How many Percent of the Territory in B&H needs to be demined?

adil osmanovicThe Review Conference of the Convention on the prohibition of the cluster ammunition, is being held from 7th to 11th September in Dubrovnik, and it is expected to present the concrete plans of countries members/ signatories of the Convention in the field of reaching the country free of mine threats.

Delegation of B&H, led by the Minister of Civil Affairs, Adil Osmanovic, presented the data that the current size of the mine suspected area in B&H is 2.3% of the total area of B&H, where 1.417 communities are endangered by mines which directly affects the security of around 538.500 citizens or around 15% of the total population of B&H.

Minister Osmanovic emphasized the fact that activities on cleaning the cluster ammunition in B&H are going as planned and that in 2017, B&H could meet obligations from the Article 3 of the Convention on the prohibition of the cluster ammunition.

As one of affected countries, B&H ratified the Convention on the prohibition of the cluster ammunition in June 2010.

With the help of the Norwegian People’s Aid, through the technical measurements, mine suspected are was estimated to 14.61 km2, out of which, after technical and non-technical measurements, around 5km2 is considered to be really contaminated and is marked for cleaning.

Since the beginning of the cleaning process, annual rate of cleaning was more than 1km2, depending on weather conditions and available resources.

(Source: klix.ba)

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