Kamočaji: Starting from May ,European standards will be implemented in treating the unemployed

Employees of the Employment Bureau Novo Sarajevo, starting form the first May will work with clients and employers according to a project of Trial Bureau.

This was concluded on the meeting of representative of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) Erik Verina and the manager of Public institution ” Employment Bureau of KS’’ which was held this week.

For the needs of the Trial Bureau Novo Sarajevo, employees of the Public institution „Employment Bureau of KS’’ according to defined requirements and goals in the last period the Bureau adopted a work plan, defined set of services and missions that can be implemented in the period to come, and made a new layout of staff.

Coordinator of the Project Ranko Markuš said: “Since September we did the most job.’’

Among other things, we established a working group, adopted an action plan for prevention and risk, conducted user satisfaction surveys and we organised a workshop within the framework of the development of experimental office.

Also the Bureau Star Grad was set to be the control bureau and it was also decided that the education of employees will be done in Bureaus in Centar, Hadžići and Ilidža.

We are satisfied with the results of the pilot project of Trial Bureau Sarajevo, said Kamočaji, adding that Trial Bureau is a guide to future functioning of Employment Bureaus in KS.

“It’s a brand new European approach to work. It would completely change the way we provide services to unemployed people and employers. All the Orientation of the employees shall be directed to customer service,” concluded Kamočaji.

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