Karateist Tarik Salkić is 10 Years old and has 27 Gold Medals!

tarik-salkic-karateAt the end of every year, it is common to make a review of everything that has been done during that year. When the 10-year-old Tarik Salkić, a karateist from Velika Kladuša, decides to recall all of his successes in this year, the resume will be quite long. This amazing young karateist won 122 medals on 29 tournaments since the beginning of the year, thus reaching the number of 122 medals in his career, 87 of which are golden!

Young Tarik brought medals from domestic and international competitions held in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. Incredible success put him on the first place on the ranking of the website, and what is worth mentioning is that Salkić is the first in the competition of all male karateists. This means that he is the first out of all competitors, from the youngest ones to the oldest ones, and there are 3.190 names on the list!

“Ranking of the website includes 22 international competitions, and Tarik performed on nine tournaments. On those tournaments, Tarik won 21 gold medals, five silver medals and two bronze medals, which brought him to the top of the list of all generations,” said Tarik’s father Adis Salkić.

Tarik was born on November 13, 2006. Judging by the results and his desire, karate will be his life path. He started doing karate in January 2013, when he was six years old, and he brought the first medal from a tournament in Bihać one year later. After that, medals are harder and harder to count.

“He trains every day. Sometimes he takes a Sunday off. It is our pleasure to follow him on his tournaments because he wants this so much and he invests a lot of energy in this. Our lives are all about training and traveling. At the age of six he started training and his main coach Emin Redžić immediately noticed that he is gifted for this. At the first tournament in Bihać in 2014 he won gold and the rest is history,” said Adis Salkić.

At the beginning, Tarik preferred competing in katas, and in the past year and a half he regularly participates in fights, where he is 15th among all competitors.


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