Kasina Building is an Architecturally Valuable Building in Zvornik


Kasina building is an architecturally valuable building from Austro-Hungarian period, built in the early 20th century for the Austrian army.

More specifically Kasina dates from 1910 and once it served as the officers’ home. The building is built in secession style, and one of the most important characteristic of this style is dynamic, wavy line, decoration and asymmetry.

In 1979 was performed a construction intervention on the object when a reading room was added on the east side. Dimensions of this independent facility are 16 and 20 meters. It is richly decorated with moldings in the shape of geometric forms, as well as a roof cornice.

Kasina building was, after it was not the officers’ home anymore, a gathering place for young people and a venue for cultural events. It was very significant because it was a place where Zvornik citizens socialized through organizing parties, ceremonies for some religious and national holidays, or certain events from national history.

Today, this building with yellow facade is recognizable symbol of town and important cultural institutions are located there – Library and Museum collection.

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