“Klas” from Sarajevo achieved a Record Sale of Flour in the last 5 Years


Bosnia and Herzegovina’s food company “Klas Sarajevo” has achieved record sales of their flour in the past five years. They achieved production of 6,000 tons per month.

A positive trend with a successful return to the market was accompanied by the increase in production and sale of flour by 90% in 2014, which was the year “Klas” was acquired by the AS Group.

Flour T-500 (25 kg) packs contributed the most to the excellent sales of “Klas” flour.

“A record sales of flour achieved in the last five years has not surprised us at all. We did redesign the packaging of flour T-500 in 25 kg, which is the most important “Klas” product, and we produced an excellent video commercial with Enis Bešlagić, the “Doctor of Flour”. The qualities of our flour, which is milled from specially selected varieties of wheat in the mills that remain the best in this part of Europe, as well as the strength of “Klas” as a brand, openly stand out. We also reinforced the channels of distribution and sales, and for the most part, we are thankful to our local customers and consumers whose reactions were very positive, and who wanted to show how much they cared about buying local quality brands such as “Klas” flour,” explained Rusmir Hrvić, Director of “Klas” Inc. Sarajevo.

“Klas” flour is produced from the finest varieties of wheat and has been specially customized for making dough, meals, and pastries typical of our country such as pies, cakes, and homemade cookies. The processing of wheat is made in the largest and most advanced mill in South Eastern Europe, with a capacity of 450 tons per day. The entire process of production is automated, and the wheat is not exposed to risks that could undermine its technological and health care quality even for a moment.

“Klas” is among the best brands in B&H with: a tradition of 113 years of successful business in the food industry, modern technology, a system for control of food safety, superb bakery knowledge, quality of products, as well as awards from all over the world. The quality of “Klas” products was confirmed by certificates such as: ISO 9001: 2000, HACCP, ISO 14001: 2005, as well as the HALAL certificate.

Since February last year, Klas has been part of the AS Group, which employs 3,000 workers. Along with “Klas” Inc. Sarajevo, the AS Group operates the following companies: AS Inc. Jelah, Vispak Inc. from Visoko, Oasis Inc. Tešanj, Sprind Inc. Sarajevo, Mill and Bakery Ljubače – Tuzla, Progress Inc. Sarajevo, Fortitudo Inc. Travnik, and Vemal Inc. from Tešanj.

(Source: klix)

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