Konakovic criticized the FBiH Government: The only Thing that works are Levies that Citizens need to pay

At the press conference which was held on Monday in Sarajevo, the leader of the party People and Justice (Narod i Pravda – NiP), Elmedin Konakovic, spoke about the topics of political and economic challenges that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is facing, and presented the new reinforcements of the party, Klix.ba writes.

The names of the new members of NiP were also announced to the public at the conference, including Ahmet Sejdic, the war commander of the 1st Visegrad Brigade.

“In the local elections, I was on the Drina with the NiP and the representatives of the Trojka. I can contribute to the field of forestry, so the Law on Forests at the state level could be passed and that resource is a chance for all generations, not only ours. Strengthening the unity of Bosnian forces in defense, so that the rights of BiH citizens and our homeland are defended, regardless of who is on the opposite side, “ Sejdic stated.

In the second part of the conference, Konakovic spoke about the political and economic challenges facing BiH.

“Preoccupied with other major issues, we must remind ourselves that the chain of price increases is solely the result of inefficient state and federal government,” Konakovic told emphasizing that the state did not react adequately to the crisis, especially in relation to changes in the law when it comes to excises due to blockades in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH (PABiH).

According to him, the governments have not taken any preventive action related to the economic crisis, and as he said, the NiP will wait a few more months when they believe that theywill come to power and take concrete steps.

He spoke about the unsuccessful sale of the Mostar Tobacco Factory and the sale of the Sarajevo Tobacco Factory during the criminal privatization of this former economic giant town, and speaking about Ginex, he emphasized that a large number of families in Gorazde live working in this factory and that it means a lot to all residents of this BiH town.

“Djindic and Novalic have their own companies that do business with state-owned companies,” Konakovic said.

Then, he spoke about NiP’s interest in positions in the FBiH Government. Further, he pointed out that the development of the economy that takes place during the leadership of the current federal government is not a consequence of successful development.

“The only thing that works are the levies that need to be paid bythe citizens of BiH, inflated budgets are a consequence of putting one’s hand in the pockets of the citizens and not some development of the economy,” Konakovic stressed at the end of the conference.


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