NATO Transfer of authority Ceremony took place in Sarajevo

NATO Commander Brigadier General Pamela McGaha presided over the formal transfer of authority ceremony that took place in Camp Butmir today between the outgoing Chief of Staff Colonel Ferenc Kiss and the incoming Chief of Staff Colonel Robert Szász. This brings an end to Colonel Kiss’s one year tour of duty with NATO HQ Sarajevo.

During the Transfer of Authority ceremony, BG Pamela McGaha thanked Colonel Kiss for his exceptional leadership and impact on NATO mission to BiH.

“Every year Hungary distinguishes itself in the quality of its contributions to the international military missions in BiH. It is a clear sign of commitment – both to the stability and security both of BiH, and the wider Euro-Atlantic area.”

Leaving the mission with deep sense of gratitude, Colonel Kiss, the outgoing Chief of Staff, stated that “NATO HQ Sarajevo has continuously preserved its operational capability, and launched a new phase of cooperation with EUFOR”.  The incoming Chief of Staff, Colonel Szász, thanked his superiors “for the opportunity to serve Hungary and NATO Allies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, continuing strong partnership with BiH”.  

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