Konjević-Polje: Residents Appeal for Aid

konjevic poljeRepresentative of the local community Konjevć-Polje, Ifeta Mejremić says that they have been mobile from the first day.

The damage on the 50 houses, which were flooded, has been partially repaired. On the fourth day they received assistance from Ilidža and Sarajevo.

She added that doctors arrived from Bratunac, and today doctors from Sarajevo arrived as well.

“There are several ill people in Konjević-Polje. We are afraid of infectious diseases, although there have not been any so far, but children have fevers, rash and diarrhea. On the fifth day of the floods, 15 volunteers from Sarajevo gas arrived and brought us tools,” added Mejremić.

Currently they need hygienic packages and boots.

We have enough water and food for ourselves, but there is not enough food for the volunteers. They appeal to citizens to help them.


(Source: Fena/photo Oslobodjenje)

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