“Konzum” Donation for Beneficiaries of Public Kitchens in B&H

Konzum Donation tuzlalive.baRepresentatives of the company Konzum BiH donated basic food items to the Public Kitchen “Hljeb života” from Prijedor, public kitchens of the Red Cross in Banja Luka and East Sarajevo, “Eparhijski dom” in Trebinje, and the Public Kitchen in Bijeljina.

In this way, Konzum BiH ensured a rich table for the kitchens’ beneficiaries and continued with socially responsible behavior as one of the most important segments of business.

“Christmas is a holiday of spiritual joy and peace. It is an opportunity to share emotions with family members, dear friends and neighbors. Holidays are filled with showing respect for others, so we in Konzum BiH decided to share Christmas joy with beneficiaries of public kitchens in several B&H cities. We believe that foodstuffs we donated will enrich the menu at least for a while, especially for Christmas. On this occasion, we wholeheartedly congratulate Christmas to all those who celebrate it,” stated the PR Manager of Konzum BiH Zvezdana Stojaković.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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