Kosovo abolished Additional Customs Duties

Kosovo partially withdrew protective measures for imports of certain types of fruit, vegetables and corn after the pressure of CEFTA countries and the announced ministerial meeting that was held on this occasion yesterday in Belgrade. Previously introduced additional customs duties, by 30 %, were abolished.

“I want to express my satisfaction with this decision, but partial withdrawal of these measures is not enough and we are waiting for their complete abolition in the upcoming days. Measures of Pristina are in opposition to rules of CEFTA and they caused damage to CEFTA and free trade zone, individual countries and businessmen who could not export in accordance with the rules of free trade lately,” stated Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic.

The abolishment of other measures that were adopted earlier: additional excise duties on construction blocks and flour from Serbia, milk and dairy products from BiH and technical barriers for the export of beer from Montenegro, was also requested at the meeting.

Minister Sarovic stated that conclusions of this meeting are that “a chance was given to principles of free trade, but also to Pristina to exit a certain kind of self-isolation made by introduction of these unnecessary and really controversial measures”.



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