The International Festival of Folklore to gather 600 Children

All preparations for the 9th International Children Festival of Folklore “Ilidza 2018” are finalized, and it will take place on the Summer Theatre Ilidza in Sarajevo in the period from July 26 to 30.

The Association for children and youth “Nominative” will organize a festival again this year and besides gatherings, competitions and participation of more than 600 children, they are also promoting the city of Sarajevo and the state of BiH in this way.

One of the organizers of this festival, Adis Cuhara, stated that everything is ready for the beginning of the festival and they are waiting for their first guests to arrive.

“Just when we finished with the last festival, we started preparations for the new one. The year passed very fast and everything is ready now. Some of the participants already arrived, and thus we can say that the festival, although not officially, has already started. We are very happy to be able to gather such a large number of participants in our city. We are hoping that weather conditions will be favourable as well and that we will enjoy during the festival,” stated Cuhara.



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