Kozarska Dubica Potential for the Arab Market

The BiH Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Aleksandar Dragičević and the mayor of Kozarska Dubica Mile Zlojutro spoke about the economic potential of this municipality.

Zlojutro said that there are set guidelines for future cooperation with an emphasis on agriculture and food production, and in the health sector in terms of future donations.

‘’We visited several commercial enterprises for which we assume that we could be interested to invest. The company ‘Unaplod’ is a good example of companies that are involved in the production of fruit. They have the biggest ULO refrigerators in the Balkans, and with that we can offer and provide products to the Arab market’’, added Zlojutro.

Ambassador Dragičević said that he will make a business plan that will be marketed in the United Arab Emirates, where there will be adequate interlocutors and will attempt to bring their capital and investments in this region.

‘’The market of the United Arab Emirates is very widespread and absorbs everything, but the focus is on agriculture and food production’’, said Dragičević.

He added that the BiH Delegation is expected to visit the United Arab Emirates in march.

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