Kozljak: Complex Situation is an Opportunity, we all need to take Responsibility

Alija Kozljak, head of the Department of International Relations and European Studies at the International Burch University and former military representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) to NATO, drew attention to the importance of the moment, no matter how complex the situation in BiH might seem.

Complex situation is an opportunity. We have no right to ignore it, but the obligation to use it, in the best possible way. It is an objective view of the situation, detection of problems and actors, support for institutional action, suggesting alternative options, ” told Kozljak at an online press conference, before the regular session of the Association of Independent Intellectuals “Circle 99”.

According to him, this is a crucial period for the future of BiH,and the intellectual and academic contribution to finding adequate solutions is crucial. Politicians in general, he said, should not act in isolation, nor can they make quality decisions without an objective view of the whole situation from different perspectives, ie without engaging a wider range of subjects, including, among others, the academic community.

In the period ahead, he emphasized, events of crucial importance will follow, on the domestic as well as international scene.

”I believe that the time has come for the opinion to prevail in the European Union (EU), it is not unique, but in the majority, that multiethnic BiH is the only realistic option that the world will support, ” he emphasized.

Kozljak also referred to the upcoming elections in BiH and, as he noted, the turbulent year. He stated that “a way must be found to make the citizens aware, that they decide on the future of BiH.”

It depends on their commitment whether they will distance themselves from corrupt politicians or will be accomplices in undermining institutions and endangering the future of BiH and its citizens and the mass departure of young people from BiH. There is a lot of potential for action, we all need to take our share of responsibility, ” explained Kozljak as the introductory speaker of the regular session of “Circle 99”, in an online format, on the topic “Responsibility of domestic and international actors for the crisis in BiH – what next?”.



Source: Federalna

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