Kuwaiti Investment worth 50 Million BAM to open on Saturday

Sarajevo Resort Osenik Opening on Saturday faktor.baMember of the Presidency of B&H Bakir Izetbegovic and the founder of the society Gulf Real Estate Ltd. Jasem Ahmed Al Kanderi will officially open the newly constructed tourist-residential settlement Sarajevo Resort Osenik – Municipality Hadzici on Saturday.

Situated at this location are two covered pools, hotel, restaurants, sports courts, supermarket, as well as many other accompanying facilities. Resort is a purpose-designed resort which will have the capacity to accommodate 1.125 tourists.

Total area of the residential settlement amounts to 160.000 square meters, with an artificial lake covering 12.000 square meters around which 160 facilities are arranged.

More than 50 million BAM were invested in the project so far, announced the Press Office of Municipality Hadzici.

The cornerstone for the settlement was set on October 2nd 2013 by the Mayor of Municipality Hadzici Hamdo Ejubovic, the Ambassador of Kuwait to B&H Nasir El Mutairi, the investor Jasem Ahmed Al Kanderi, and the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to B&H Eid Mohammed Al Thakafi.

Although it was announced earlier that the opening ceremony will be held on Thursday, the ceremony was postponed to Saturday at 11 a.m. due to weather conditions.


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