Lagumdžija: ”B&H gives priority importance to human rights”

The Deputy President of the Council of Ministers and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Zlatko Lagumdžija spoke today in Geneva at the opening of the High Level Segment, the UN Human Rights Council.

During his speech, Lagumdžija emphasized that B&H furthermore gives priority importance to human rights and fundamental freedoms through strengthening of democracy, multicultural dialogue and respecting national, cultural and religious differences and through the fight against all shapes of discrimination and intolerance towards the members of any part of the society. He also informed the Human Rights Council about already achieved improvements and challenges that await our country.

Among other things, Lagumdžija said that B&H has reached a significant improvement in making efficient mechanism for the protection of human rights in accordance with international standards. In addition to this, Lagumdžija informed the Human Right Council that B&H will fulfill the obligations of the European Human Rights Court in the case ”Sejdić-Finci” in a reasonable time span. He also said that B&H is proud to be among the first ten countries in the world to ratify the Optional protocol of the UN International covenant on economic, social and cultural rights.

Furthermore Lagumdžija highlighted the effort of B&H in resolving the issues surrounding refugees and displaced persons and reminded the Council that last year a Regional donation conference was held in Sarajevo, when they achieved to collect around 300 million euros for the accommodation and improvement of living conditions for the refugees in the region. He also mentioned the effort of B&H on all levels of Government to fight human trafficking and the activities of the Council of Ministers of B&H with the aim of establishing National prevention mechanisms (NPM) for the Optional protocol of the Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or humiliating punishments or deeds. Commenting on the current events in Syria and in the whole world, Lagumdžija added that it is final time for the International community to unite and stop violence with all needed resources.

Apart from his speech in front of the Human Rights Council, Lagumdžija also had several meetings, such as with the President of Germany Joachim Gauck, the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Qatar Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Attiyah,  the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey Ahmet Davutoğlu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam Pham Binh Minh, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco Saadeddine Othmani and the UNHCR High Commissioner António Guterres.


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