LED Lamps invented by Young Inventor from Lukavac save up to 70 % of Energy

lamp3Zlatan Imamovic from Lukavac, together with his father, decided to start a business of the future – production of LED lamps.

The idea appeared after his father, who was working on audio and video servicing, after 24 years lost his job because of the rapid progress of technology.

Zlatan is real young innovator, who currently has a high-quality world product on the market, which was created and designed in B&H, in Lukavac, in the company LED Vision.

Together with his father, he produced the first and highest quality LED lamps in B&H, which are recognizable on so many ways.

Imamovic, who is now director of the LED Vision company, emphasized that they have been working intensively on developing the idea for 3 years. They made contacts with the world developed companies, and even refrigerators, aluminum and LED diodes, as well as all the other necessary components for their final product – LED lamp, they found in the world-renowned companies, since they are very familiar with the quality, thanks to many years of work with electronics. According to Imamovic, they are cooperating with the strongest companies such as Osram, MEANWELL, B.A.G etc.

“LED TVs are consuming 3 times less electricity than LCDs with neons,” said Zlatan, adding that the idea of creating a product that would conserve electricity started from there.

(Source: klix.ba)


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