Legendary Orlando Duque jumped from the Jajce Waterfall (Gallery/Video)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] Legendary jumper in the water from extreme heights, Colombian Orlando Duque, decided to use a break in the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup and visit BiH once again. He was a guest on the competition in jumps from a waterfall in Jajce and he announced his return to BiH: on the 24th of September he will be host of the competition Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup on the Old Bridge in Mostar.

“I like to come to your country. As soon as I got the invitation, I did not think twice. I am using every opportunity to visit BiH,” said the legendary Colombian, who owns 13 world titles and two Guinness World Records. This time, his destination was Jajce, and the occasion was the 3rd International competition in jumps from beautiful Pliva Waterfall, which was held on Saturday, the 6th of August.

Pliva Waterfall is the jewel of Jajce, unique in the world by the fact that it is located in the heart of the city. It is 20 meters high, and it provides a great location for jumps – both attractive and unusual at the same time.

Orlando arrived in Jajce a day earlier to visit a city, check the location of the competition and perform a few test jumps. After the tour, he was astonished by the beauty of the city and the waterfall:

“I realized that Jajce is beautiful city, and that the waterfall is located in the city center. This represents a special delight,” said Orlando.

He performed in the show part of the program, and delighted the audience with his jumps that are a stunning combination of complex acrobatics and impeccable elegance of a flight.

Orlando will visit BiH again next month, but this time with a bit larger company: on the 24th of September, the Old Bridge in Mostar will be the sixth stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup 2016, which will feature 14 of the world’s best jumpers. After the great success of last year, this is the second hosting of the most prestigious international cliff diving competition in the city on Neretva River.

This year, the competition brings something brand new: the championship for women will be held on the Old Birdge as well, so that the audience in Mostar will have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of the world’s best female jumpers. Unlike the men who are jumping from a height of 27 meters, ladies will perform their jumps from the platform that is 20 meters high.

“I am glad that Mostar was included in the calendar of the competition again. Everything was great last year. This was recognized by the organizers who have decided that BiH should be the host of a new spectacle in 2016. I have many fans here I definitely like it,” said Orlando, a favorite of Mostar audience.

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