Sarajevo and Rome finally connected!


Sarajevo and Rome are connected by Bosnia and Herzegovina’s FlyBosnia airline, and a promotional flight was launched on Thursday but the scheduled flights will begin in November.

As part of the first trip, representatives of the media and travel agencies from Italy came to Sarajevo, and will stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina for three days, where they will be informed about tourism potentials.

The Sarajevo-Rome direct line will be on Mondays and Thursdays, in the morning.

Italian Ambassador to BiH Nicola Minasi attended the promotional flight, telling reporters that the introduction of a regular airline was very important.

“I’m really happy that we finally have a direct line between Sarajevo and Rome. Until this morning, I couldn’t believe this was really happening. We already have a lot of people coming from Italy, and now they can travel by plane,” Minasi said.

He pointed out that thousands of tourists from Italy visit BiH every year.

FlyBosnia CEO Tarik Bilalbegovic stressed that all day long traveled to Rome from BiH, and that the establishment of a direct airline will reduce the journey to one hour and eight minutes, Federal News Agency reports.

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