How many Guests visited Panonsko Lake in the last 15 Years?

The first Pannonian Lake was opened 15 years ago, on July 18, 2003. After the record season last year and more than 400,000 visitors, Pannonica is waiting for a warmer weather this year and they are hoping that August will improve the final number of guests, although it will not be on the level of previous year.

This season, which is characterized by rain and cold weather, is still ceremonial due to official marking of the 15th anniversary of its existence. The Pannonica complex now has three lakes. The second lake was built back in 2006 and the third lake in 2012. Thus, the complex reached its current capacity of 17,000 guests a day.

“We are hoping that this August, which meteorologists announced as warmer, will slightly improve general image of this season. The last year was record year with 314,000 BAM of profit. We had a total of 400,000 guests, and 12 % of them were from abroad and 42 % from outside Tuzla,” said the Director of Public Utility Company “Pannonica”.

During the season, salty lakes provide workplaces for 170 people, who are conducting all the activities regarding technical control of water, catering, rescue services etc.

“In these 15 years, we had 3.7 million guests. Daily visit of 15,000 people is nothing unusual when the weather is nice,” stated Porobic.

Mayor of Tuzla, Jasmin Imamovic, recalled that he had no support when he mentioned the idea of the construction of salt lakes, but Kemal Kurevic, then head of the Department for Utility Affairs, was the first to offer his support.

“I can claim that Panonsko Lake is the best summer destination in BiH,” stated Imamovic.


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