Little Boy Mehmed is back in School after he had Burns on 70 Percent of his Body

Thirteen-years-old Mehmed Sabic has won the most important battle, the battle for his young life.

His heart endured that many could not, 15 heavy surgeries, about a hundred narcosis, pains on 70 percent of the burned body.

In the “Hasan Kikic” Elementary School, in the 8th grade, at mathematics, we found Meho with his friends. His teacher Edina Devedzic says Meho is trying to compensate for lost time and material and that he is trying to write with one and the other hand. However, there are visible scars of severe surgeries.

“I’m happy that this was all over, that I am alive. I fought, doctors accepted me everywhere as their own child. It is nice to be back with your friends. I will try to catch up as much as I can,” Mehmed told Avaz newspapers.

“The little hero goes back home for three months after which he will start with physical therapies. Yesterday, the doctor took off cannula from his body, 20 months after it was put, and the right elbow is cured as well. The brave boy continues his struggle!” was written in March on the Facebook page near the boy’s picture.

To recall, doctors gave him a one percent chance of survival because he was exposed to external and internal burns, which accounted for 65 percent of his body.

He had five skin transplants and more than a dozen anesthesia, in total 15 surgeries.

All interested ones can help him by paying on one of the following accounts:

Account information for BAM:
Account number: 1543039952944488
Name: Nedim Sabic
Address: Ciris 16, 75,320 Gracanica, BiH

Account information for foreign currencies:
Beneficiary: Nedim Sabic
Address: Criis 16, 75,320 Gracanica, BiH
Account Number (IBAN): BA39 1543039952944488
Beneficiary Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo Banka d.d. Bosna i Hercegovina,
Obala Kulina Bana 9a, 71,000 Sarajevo
Correspondents’ Bank (COMMERZZBANK AG FRANKFURT/M, SWIFT COBADEFF ACC 400 8768 558 00)

For PayPal: paypal1@pomozi.ba

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