Locals in Foca try to stop Construction of Small Hydropower Plant

”Kuća za odbranu rijeka” (“House for the Defense of Rivers”), painted with motifs that point to the disastrous consequences of small power plants, was set up near the Foca-Tjentiste highway, on a road which was dug last year by a concessionaire along Bjelava, by the company “Srbinje-putevi” in Foca, in order to enable the access to location on which the construction of a small hydropower plant is planned.

Members of the Foca Association of Citizens “Bjelava” in Bukovica near Foca set up a container called ”Kuća za odbranu rijeka” in order to prevent the return of machines to this area.

“In this way, we want to make it clear and resolutely show everyone that we will not allow machines to appear on Bjelava, as was the case last year without any permits, where the river flow was changed, where property and legal relations which were not resolved were violated and were the basis for obtaining permits, ” said Jovan Drakul, the President of the Association of Citizens “Bjelava”.

“We would like to show that we are also creative. Ever since it all started I feel like I’m in a game of cat and mouse chasing a very creative mouse. That mouse in this story, that is, the investor, shows creativity. In many ways, they avoid doing what their role is, and that is to respect the laws,” Dragana Drakul, member of the Association of Citizens “Bjelava” told.

In this way, they want to send a clear message that the citizens will not give up the defense of not only Bjelava, but also other rivers in Foca, and all to stop the destruction of nature.

“It was a clear signal for us to stand up to oppose what is being done, where the entire flora and fauna is being destroyed, private property is being endangered, as well as the city water supply system. It represents a school example of everything negative that these disastrous projects cause by monsters called mini hydropower plants “, emphasized Miljan Malis, a member of the Association of Citizens” Bjelava “.

The Association “Bjelava” mentions that after few protests of citizens, the competent ministry stopped the works in the Bjelava riverbed and that the process of making an environmental impact study is underway, which precedes obtaining environmental and construction permits, BHRT writes.

Photo: Srna news agency

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