Miners in Bosnia announce Strike for May 1st

The strike of the miners of the “Kreka” Tuzla mine, announced today, will not be held, because their salary was paid on Friday. Protests of miners of seven mines announced for May 1st.

The Independent Trade Union of Mine Workers of the Federation is announcing a protest rally in Sarajevo for May 1st. After the protest walk with banners, the miners of seven mines within the Elektroprivreda concern intend to protest in front of the Federal Government building.

A general strike will follow in the first half of May if previous agreements on restructuring and future operation of the mine are not respected.

Zuhdija Tokic, President of the Kreka Mine Miners’ Union: “As every month, we managed to secure the payment of the salary by announcing the strike, which was paid in the late hours on Friday. The problems remain and if we do not take the situation more seriously, we will end up in a situation where the entire energy sector will be in trouble “, says Tokic.

“On May 1, in a protest march, we will warn the FBiH Government and Elektroprivreda that they cannot deal with miners like this,” Tokic said, adding that they could no longer remain silent. Miners are looking for new investments, specifically in the Kreka mine, there is no investment of 158 million BAM: In Kreka, miners have nothing to work with. Without the help of Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda BiH, we cannot pay the salary. The miners want and can work “, says Tokic.

Miners are aware that reorganization is needed, but also that it is necessary to take care of the systematization of jobs.

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