”LOGEX 13” is finished: Ceremony of certificates for participants

With the ceremony of giving certificates to participants of this training, the international training called ”LOGEX 13” was finished today. This training has been organized by the Ministry of Defense,  Armed Forces of B&H and Unified Combatant Command of US Army, which was held from the 4th of February in the barrack ”Rajlovac”.

In the amphitheater of the ”Rajlovac OSB&H” barrack, the representatives of the countries participating in this training spoke to attending guests. The Head of this training session Peter Venoit and the Deputy Mayor of the Joint Headquarters of Armed Forces of B&H, General-Mayor Anto Jeleč addressed the attending guests. Venoit thanked the hosts of this training session for their hospitality and congratulated all participants on their successful completion of this training, where they reached and fulfilled all aims and goals of this training and reached a higher level in the field of logistic operations.

General –Mayor Anto Jeleč emphasized that this training is important for the future operations in peace support missions but that its importance lies also in the process of reaching NATO standards for the Armed Forces of B&H in logistic operations. According to Jeleč ”LOGEX 13” has fulfilled its primary goal, and that is the improvement of inter-operation ability between the participants of this training and the preparation of logistic support during the execution of operations.

Jeleč  also expressed his gratitude for the support of the Unified Combatant Command of US Army, the US European Command-US EUCOM and NATO- Allied Command Transformation- ACT as well as all others who contributed to the realization of this training.

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