Love story of BiH woman and Nigerian man

Love does not know borders, religions or nations, and the proof for that is a couple Mirela Hegić from Prijedor and Ken Maval from Nigeria, who married in Prijedor, writes Dnevni Avaz.

Mirela and Ken live in Switzerland where they met, and they say that it was a love at first sight.

Mirela said that Ken knew where she comes from and then they decided to come to Prijedor and meet her relatives and then to get married.

Maval said that he’s thrilled with Prijedor and he’s glad that he’s among welcoming and nice people, and added that he likes BiH cuisine, and added that Mirela tried some Nigerian cuisine.

She said that Nigerian cuisine is very spicy and one needs to get used to that, but in time, she said, he’ll get used to sarma and ćevapi and she’ll learn to love their cuisine.

She said that she’ll go to Nigeria to meet his numerous family, five sister and three brothers.

They noted that conditions for living in Switzerland are very good, especially if one has jobs, and they are both employed.

Mirela’s mother Esma said she supported the marriage, because they love each other and that is quite enough for a happy marriage.

Registrar Radmila Zorić said that she’s very happy that she had the opportunity to marry them, and the wedding was also attended by president of Prijedor Assembly Sead Jakupović and the official court Interpreter.

(photo: Glas Srpske)

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