Maestro Dževad Šabanagić is the guest of ‘Evenings with Sidran’

‘Art atelier Sidran’ and gallery ‘Paleta’ are continuing with the cycle ‘Evenings with Sidran’, which will be held in Chamber Theatre 55 on 28 February.

The audience will enjoy listening to poetry, but also listening to music and watching the art with inevitable Sidran’s jokes with anecdotes of BiH cultural history.

Sidran is accompanied with conductor Tijana Vignjević with choirs ‘Seljo’ and ‘Corone’, Edo Pandur and Enes Sivac, whose wire sculptures are created at the scene and at the end of the program they’re given as a gift to someone from the audience.

Special music guest will be the Sarajevo string quartet lead by maestro Dževad Šabanagić, said ‘Art Atelier Sidran’.

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