Maksic: Great Powers are currently fighting for their Influence in BiH

Adis Maksic, a professor at the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Burch University, told that the great powers are currently fighting for their influence in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), as they have been so many times in history.

Dominant force

”Milorad Dodik is in the role of an operative of the Kremlin’s policy, and it is quite logical that he went to Moscow to coordinate the next moves. Those steps should be viewed in the context of wider activation of hotspots at points of contact between the United States (U.S.) and Russian spheres of influence.

”The situation in Ukraine, which borders Russia and belongs to the so-called “near abroad”, which is a concept in Russian geopolitical culture that outlines territories where Russia strives to be a dominant power, is certainly a priority for this country. In that effort, it is ready to destabilize the influence of Western powers in other areas where local dynamics allow them to do so, ” Professor Maksic noted.

He pointed out that this includes escalation in the Balkans.

”And the existence of Dodik and other regional executors allows it to open the center at a relatively low price. So, relations between U.S. and Russia are in a trend of aggravation that does not have a predetermined result. Policies are shaped and adapted day by day based on the moves of the other side. That is why we see hesitation regarding the use of instruments of pressure by Western powers, such as the sanctions that the Biden administration is now threatening, not only Dodik and local actors, but also Russia.

The spread of Russian influence

”The timing and scope of these measures will largely depend on the next steps of the other side. In this constellation, the Biden administration will continue to support the integrity of BiH, the new High Representative and the reform process, if for no other reason, then because it opposes the spread of Russian influence, ” concluded Professor Maksic.



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