Appointment of the new Government

The session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo where its representatives should consider

the Draft decision on the ratification of the Government of Canton Sarajevo is scheduled for

tomorrow, the 21st of November. The mandate Suad Zeljković proposed the new cabinet staff

of the Government

A lawyer Velida Memić was proposed for the Minister of Justice and the Administration of

Canton Sarajevo, who performed the duties of the Minister of Labor, Social Affairs, Refugees

and Displaced Persons in the Government from the 13th January 2011 till the end of January


The current Minister of Physical Planning and Environment, lawyer Zlatko Petrović, should

continue to perform his duties even after the November session of the Assembly of Canton


Also, our new and old Minister of Housing Policy shall be the graduate engineer of

architecture Čedomir Lukić, who has performed the duty of the Minister of Housing Policy

from 2006 till 2010, and again will perform his duties for the same position from 2011 till


Graduate construction engineer, Jusuf Bubica shall be the new Minister of Transport, while

the representative of the SDU B&H in the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo, Nermin Pećanac

should be the new Minister of Internal Affairs.

The Ministry of Economy should be lead by an engineer of chemistry and technology Emir

Hrenovica, who has worked in the management positions of the JP PTT, while the Ministry of

Finance will be lead again by Muhamed Kozadra.

Damir Marjanović, who used to work for the Institute for Genetic Engineering and

Biotechnology, will be the new Minister of Education, Science and Youth, while our

academic musician Ivica Šarić will for the third time lead the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The lawyer Muamer Bandić should become the new Minister of Labor, Social Affairs,

Displaced Persons and Refugees. Muamer Bandić used to work as the secretary and counsel

in the JU ”Sedma osnovna škola”. The Department of Veterans Affairs should be lead by the

general Asim Džambasović.

By confirming the Government of Canton Sarajevo, the mandate of the Government who was

voted as distrustful on the session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo by a decision drafted

by the Prime Minister and the ministers from the SDP B&H and SBB B&H is officially over.

The agenda of the session is supplemented by another point, and that is the Proposal of

the decision on acceptance of indebtedness under the Loan Agreement (a project related to

the water system and water waste in Sarajevo) between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

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