Central Election Commission: Radončić and Osmić fulfill the requirements to be Ministers

The CEC of Bosnia and Herzegovina issued today the certificates to Fahrudin Radončić,

Zekerijah Osmić and Edita Đapo for meeting the requirements for the appointment to the

functions of ministers or the deputy ministers in the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and


The Central Election Commission (CEC) proposed Zekerijah Osmić for the position of the

Minister of Defense, Radončić for the position of the Minister of Security of Bosnia and

Herzegovina and Edita Đapo for the position of the Deputy Minister of Finance and Treasury

of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The CEC has decided today on the change of the decision on establishing and publishing

the results of the local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with which the results of the

elections are set for mayors and municipal assemblies in constituencies Vukosavlje, East

Drvar and East Mostar.

This decision was made after the repeated elections in these constituencies. The decision

will be posted and available for everyone to see on the web site of the CEC of Bosnia and


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