Man from Zenica employed in Facebook reveals what the Company appreciates the most

Denis Radovanović 09.12.A little over three years ago, Denis Radovanović from Zenica went to Dublin upon invitation of a friend to apply for a job in the company Amazon. He got the job, and he started the year 2015 at a new workplace – Facebook. Denis spoke about how he got to Facebook and what does the working atmosphere in this company look like.

Thirty-five-year-old Denis studied mathematics and informatics, and then tried his hand in several companies in B&H. He gained his first working experience as a network administrator in a commercial chain in Bosnia and Herzegovina, after which he worked for a smaller private company, and even for the Court of B&H prior to departure to Dublin.

After a series on interviews, Denis got the job in Amazon. “I came to a team ‘Network corporation center’, which represents the first line in urgent situations when a server stops working,” Radovanović said.

Just as in the largest world companies, working atmosphere and relationships with colleagues are primary and one of the main points. “It is a bit problematic now, since a lot of people have been complaining about the situation in the company during last half of the year. However, when I came to the base in Dublin, Amazon was much smaller than it is now and there was a friendly atmosphere. We used to go out for lunches and dinners, but people forget that as the team grows the de-socialization develops,” Radovanović added.

Working for Amazon was not easy for Denis, since he had to maintain 300,000 servers worldwide on his own already after the third week.

Just like it was the case with Amazon, Radovanović came to Facebook upon a friend’s recommendation, after which he again went through interviews and knowledge assessments. In Amazon he was dealing with maintenance of data centers, in Facebook he had to create them.

In Amazon they were asking me about terminology, while in Facebook they asked about practical problem solving. Facebook seeks for ‘out of the box’ thinking and they pay special attention to the social character of the person, since they are a social network. They prefer the one who is social and extrovert with less knowledge, rather than an introvert person and an individual with more knowledge,” Denis said.

Restaurants, bars, playrooms, libraries and many other amenities are offered by Facebook to its employees during free time. There are no offices – there are boxes without partitions between the boxes, and all colleagues are available to you during working hours.

Radovanović is currently working on installing mini data centers, and so far he has had no conflict situations. However, as much as he notices, majority of those situations are resolved with a conversation.

Conflict situations are resolved with a conversation in over 99 percent of cases. They look for the cause of the problem, not solution. Problems will always exist, but the causes must be dealt with in the start and, as much as I could see, that is the approach which yields results,” Denis said.

In the end, Denis highlighted that in the future he intends to make as much progress as possible, since Facebook offers possibility to change team at any moment with enough knowledge and quality, and progress towards better standards.

(Source: klix.ba)

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