Manager of Ervin Zukanović revealed the Details of Negotiations

Zukanović Roma Details asroma.comErvin Zukanović recorded another excellent performance for Roma last night in the victory against Sassuolo in guests with a result of 2:0.

Zukanović’s manager Silvano Martina spoke about the B&H national team player and great performances for Roma. Martina played the key role in the completion of the transfer of Zukanović from Sampdoria.

Martina revealed that everything was ready for the transfer of Zukanović to the German Stuttgart.

“We even bought the plane tickets and arrived at the airport. Then we got a call from Walter Sabatini (sports director of Roma), who said that Roma wants Zukanović. We decided to take a risk and we did not go to Germany at all. We decided to wait for Roma. When they told us to come to their premises, we did it. With due respect to the Germans, Roma is on a whole another level,” Martina said for the Italian media.

Martina added that Zukanović is an excellent player who can play in defense consisting of three or four players.

“Ervin told me he is very happy in Roma. Spalletti decided that Zukanović starts playing right away and I think Roma benefited from that decision,” Martina concluded.


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