Why will Drivers have to pay 30 additional BAM?

cardsThe Government of FB&H adopted the Regulation which determines the amount of the annual fees for public roads that will be paid during the registration of motor vehicles and trailers, and it is calculated by adding the basic fee and correction coefficient.

The basic fee for all vehicles will be 30 BAM, and corrective coefficient will depend on the vehicle category. For mopeds it will amount to 1.20 BAM, for cars with the capacity up to 1,001 cubic meter it will be 1.60 BAM and for cars up to 1,600 cubic meters, compansation will be 2 BAM.  Compensation for buses will be from 3.75 to 22.70 BAM, and for heavy vehicles from 1.83 BAM to 36 BAM.

Compensation for public roads that will be paid at the registration of motor vehicles and trailers, is representing public revenue and significant financial resources that is intended for the maintenance, protection, rehabilitation, reconstruction and construction of public roads in the FB&H and it makes a total of 27.65 % that the total mass of public revenues earmarked for financing public roads.

In the explanation was stated that last year’s regulation brought negative effects and the reduction of public revenues in comparison to the previous period.

Regulation issued today is aiming to stop the trend of decrease of this significant revenues that are intended for financing of public roads in the way that fees for mopeds, motorcycles and passenger cars are increased, while the fee for buses, commercial vehicles and trailers were returned to the amounts before making regulations. Also, the Regulation is now in accordance with the currently valid the Classification of motor vehicles and trailers in accordance to the EU Directives, as announced from the Office for Public Relations of the Government of FB&H.

(Source: akta.ba)

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