March to Visojevica in Memory of the Victims of WWII

marchMountaineering Club “Igman” from Sarajevo organized traditional march to Visojevica this weekend in memory of Mustafa Dovadzija and Janko Balorda, illegals from WW II who were brutally tortured and thrown into the pit Bezdan, as well as the victims that were killed during the war in BiH.

The event was attended by about a hundred of people who paid tribute and laid flowers on the tomb of the unknown hero on Hresa, as well as on the grave of national hero from the WW II Mirko Lazic on Vucija Luka.

In memory of the victims of the war in BiH, flowers were laid at the memorial to fallen soldiers on Vratnik mejdan and in Sokolina near Srednje, where villagers of Ahatovici were killed in the period from 1992-1995.

Tour of the pit Bezdan was also organized within the central part of yesterday’s gathering. Participants also visited the premises of MS Igman on Ozren Mountain, and that society celebrates 60 years of existence this year.

Flowers were laid on the memorial plaque on Jela, at which were inscribed names of Mustafa Dovadzija and three other soldiers from the World War II. On this occasion was emphasized the need that the holders of the various levels of government as well as young people attend marking ceremonies of these events. The goal is to save those events from oblivion and warn in order for them never to happen again.

Manifestation “Visojevica” was held within marking of the 27th of July, the Day of Uprising of nations and nationalities of BiH, and participants of the 44th march were members of mountaineering societies, UABNOR of Stari Grad and other guests. The organizer will subsequently deliver thank notes to the oldest participant of the march, the doyen of mountaineering in BiH and abroad Adil Sakovic Steka and Nikolina Pajic, the youngest participants of this year’s march.

(Source: klix.ba)



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