Marking of the Anniversary of War Crimes in Keraterm Camp held Today

keraterm campAlliance of Camp Prisoners in B&H and the Regional alliance of camp prisoners Banja Luka, today mark the anniversary of crimes in the notorious camp Keraterm in Prijedor.

Within the marking program, a mobile exhibition of photography of the Alliance about camps and camp prisoners from 1992 to 1995, was organized as well.

Camp Keraterm, in addition to Omarska  and Trnopolje, was one of the most notorious camps in the Prijedor region.

President of the Alliance of camp prisoners in B&H, Jasmin Meskovic, said that in one night, from 23rd to 24th July 1992, around 200 camp prisoners were brutally killed.

He emphasized that from May to August 1992, around 3000 camp prisoners passed through the camp Keraterm and were exposed to horrible torture and suffering and 371 camp prisoner have not survived those tortures.

Meskovic said that tortures in Keraterm were daily occurrence and that camp prisoners lived in a terror and a constant fear.

(Source: klix.ba)

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