Mayor Karic presented a gold Coin to Medina Placo after she saved the Life of a fellow Citizen

The Mayor of Sarajevo, Benjamina Karic, yesterday presented a special recognition to the brave Medina Placo, who saved the life of a fellow citizen earlier this week while shopping in the mall.

“Today, my guest in the City Hall was a brave girl from Sarajevo, Dr. Medina Placo, who selflessly and quickly responded to our fellow citizen after the heart attack, she performed resuscitation and after ten minutes managed to establish a pulse. Dr. Medina is currently unemployed,” said Karic after the meeting.

She then added that she wanted to use the opportunity to invite all those who are competent to give Placo the chance to work in her profession, in accordance with the possibilities.

“With her act, this young girl has proved that she is very ready to apply the acquired knowledge. I am convinced that our youth, like Medina, will have the opportunity to build their careers in their city and their country,” Karic concluded.


Source: Klix.ba

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